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Since we were unsuccessful in securing a venue for Toys On The Hudson we have moved inland to Parsippany NJ and Created ToyConNJ. ToyConNJ will be a combination of our two highly successful shows The Wayne NJ Toy, Comic & Collectibles Show and Toys On The Hudson with the addition of an 8, 000 square foot game room totaling over 30,000 square feet inside and out. Please join us on November 12 & 13 at the Parsippany PAL  33 Baldwin Rd Parsippany NJ 07540 for what will prove to be the TOYNORMUS TOY Event of 2016 www.yoyconnj.com !


Not Just Toys
but tons of

NEWS RELEASE                                                                  Contact: Phil DeMario

                                           PH: 973.726.9897


Toys on the Hudson offers Holiday Shopping Alternative

New Jersey’s Family Toy Show Held Thanksgiving Weekend


Jersey City, NJ (November 7, 2012) – Toys on the Hudson is pleased to announce the tri-state area’s first family-focused toy fair. Developed as a shopping alternative to Black Friday, Toys on the Hudson offers families and collectors an opportunity to discover unique gifts, meet celebrities and enjoy photo opportunities in more than 18,000 square feet of floor space.  


Featured will be over 100 tables of vintage and current hard-to-find toys, comics and collectibles covering unique gift ideas for lovers of movie memorabilia, DVDs, Disney, anime, small antiques, action figures, tin, sports & non-sports, Barbie, original art and classic monster collectibles.


“We’re excited to offer a fun, alternative family activity during the busy post-Thanksgiving weekend,” said Phil DeMario, co-promoter of Toys on the Hudson. “This is a great event for both families and seasoned collectors who are looking for a different shopping experience and unique gift after they’ve fought the mall crowds.”


Many celebrities will be on hand including Steve Savino from the Toy Hunter TV series with visits by Jordan Hembrough, The “Pizza Boss” TV Pizza Tossing sensation Michael Testa, The Brady Bunch’s Geri Reischl, A Christmas Story’s Ian Patrella and many more movie and TV celebrities. Toys on the Hudson will also offer great photo opportunities for families and fans with the Batmobile, the Joker, the Riddler, the Penguin and Star Wars costumed characters.  


“Toys on the Hudson is the perfect place to shop for the comic collector on your holiday list, as the entire Grand Ballroom is transformed into a Comic Collectors dream with over 50 tables of vintage and collectible comics, artists, authors and related merchandise,” said Mike Spino, co-promoter of Toys on the Hudson.


There will be a mix of vintage and new toys at show.  “We’re excited to bring our newest Captain Action toys and collectibles to Toys on the Hudson for this exciting weekend,” said retropreneur Ed Catto, co-founder of Captain Action Enterprises.


“Toys on the Hudson might be a great way to sell your own treasures, too. Attendees can bring a toy or collectible and have it appraised by one of the many on site appraisers,” added Phil DeMario.


For the “serious-must-have-first” collector, the show opens Black Friday Evening with a Preview Night for anyone who wants a chance to shop while the dealers put the finishing touches to their booths.


The 3 day event starts on Black Friday, November 23, 2012 at 5:00 pm and continues all weekend. The event is held at the Westin Newport Hotel, on the banks of the Hudson River, adjacent to Newport Mall, 495 Washington Blvd Jersey City, N.J.  The hotel is accessible from PATH, NYC and all NJ public transit. Parking is adjacent to hotel and is validated by select local restaurants.  More detailed information can be found on Toys on the Hudson facebook page or at  www.toysonthehudson.com  .


About Toys On The Hudson 

After years of running local conventions, Phil D and Mike S have launched the first major Yuletide Toy Show in the Tri-State area, Toys on the Hudson. The 3 day event will be held Thanksgiving Weekend and hosted at The Westin Hotel in Jersey City N.J. Detailed information can be found at www.toysonthehudson.com For additional information, please contact Phil DeMario at toysonthehudson@aol.com or 973-726-9897.


Want that personal experienc with our Celebrities,  Guests, Artists & Dealers. Don't want to feel rushed and cramped-then Toys On The Hudson is for you!  BRING THE ENTIRE FAMILY. THIS IS A FAMILY ORIENTATED SHOW WITH PLENTY OF PHOTO OPS FOR THE KIDS. KIDS WILL ALSO MEET THE 7 YEAR OLD PIZZA TOSSING SENSATION "MICHAEL THE PIZZA BOSS" WHO WILL BE TEACHING HIS SKILLS. WE HAVE hourly GUEST PANELS PLANNED THROUGHOUT saturday & sunday  with many artists planning their first releases. We WILL BE GIVING door PRIZES AWAY EVeRY HOUR. WITH FRIENDLY GUESTS AND IMPERSONATORS AND A AFTER PARTY on saturday evening HOW COULD YOU NOT HAVE A BLAST.  And for the true collector the best vintage and current hard to find toys, comics & collectibles from across the usa!
***As an extra added attraction we are connected to the million square foot newport mall***
Cosplay, Dress-Up, Impersonate but must be in Full Costume and get in the show for only $5.00 !!!
Show Teaser

Video Including Celebrities/Guests/and Dealers

Are you tired of internet bidding sites that you  buy an item from an image and not hold it? Are you tired of going to shows that don't showcase the Toys, Comics & Collectibles but everything else? Are you tired of spending $20, $25 and more for admission and up to $200 for autographs?  Are you tired of the Big City traffic and crowds? 

Then WAKE UP and come to the show that changes all that and offers you up to 150 tables of the most diverse Current & Vintage Toys, Comics, Collectibles, Guests, Comic Artists, Exhibitors and Appraisers for three days for under $15. That's wright you get all the same as those other show'S  plus more for a $10 regular admission!!!!!!!
Please enjoy navigating this entire web site from top to bottom and every page. Check in often for added updates and information. Attendees please read the FAQs at the bottom of this page and dealers see your faqs at the bottom of the dealer info page.
any questions can be sent to phil at toysonthehudson@aol.com
Boston Super MegafestBoston Super Megafest



November 17th and 18th 

New England's Largest Multimedia Fanfest!

Incredible Celebrity Guest Signings and Q & A Sessions!

HUGE Comic & Collectibles Dealer Room!

Spend the day with all your favorite celebrities 
from Comics, TV, Movies, and Rock & Roll. 
The Super Megafest also features an incredible dealer room 
with one of the largest selections of DVDs, posters, autographs, 
comics, toys, videos, non-sports cards and 
memorabilia from TV, Movies, and Rock & Roll that you will ever find on the East Coast.






Disclaimer:  Celebrities, Guests, Dealers, Appraisers, Exhibitors and Show Events are subject to change without notice. Most up to date information can be obtained by calling 973-726-9897.   

What are the Show Dates and Times? 

  • 11/23/2012….Black Friday evening our show will open to the general public at 5PM to 10PM with our “Shop while the dealers set Up” preview night. Your chance to get first buying opportunities at dealer merchandise.   Note: Some Dealer’s may choose to set up Saturday Morning, check dealer schedule on web site.
  • 11/24/2012….Saturday Early Admission will begin at 9AM with Regular Admission at 10AM and show ending at 5PM.     An after Show Party, is scheduled for 6PM till  ?? to give attendees a chance to mingle socially with the Dealers, Guests and Celebrities. There will be a DJ, Buffet, Soda and a cash bar.
  • 11/25/2012….Sunday Early Admission will start at 9AM with Regular Admission at 10AM and show ending at 5PM.  A Toy, Comic & Collectibles Auction is in the planning stages for just before show ends. Check for availability on web site.

What are Admission Prices?

  • Friday “Shop with the dealers” $15.00 
  • Saturday or Sunday Regular Admission $10.00
  • Saturday or Sunday Early Admission $15.00
  • Full 3 Day Unlimited Show Pass $20.00
  • Full 3 Day Unlimited Show &  Party Pass $35.00    
  • Auction Admission is free but with limited access. 
  • Children under 12 are Free but must be accompanied by an adult.


Are there free Give-A-Ways and Door Prizes? 

  • If free give-a-ways become available they will be at the door.
  • Half of your admission ticket will be placed in a bowl and a different non partial show attendee will draw one every hour, for a door prize of your choice. Number will be posted at show. See web site for Door Prize pictures.


Donations to Charities? 

  • Several signed Artist Pieces will be raffled off and proceeds given to Autism Speaks. A suggested donation for a raffle ticket is $1.00 Winners will be notified by email or information provided.


Should I drive (Parking) or take Public Transportation? 

  • Indoor Parking is directly behind the Hotel, with Mall access, and is privately operated. At time of writing this F.A.Q.  it was $2.00 1st  hour, $2.25 up to 2 hours , $3.50 up to 3 hours, $5.50 up to 4 hours, $10.00 up to 6 hours and 24hr is $22. Hotel valet service is available for about $25.00. There is very limited free and metered parking available on the street. Some restaurants are validating if you eat there: Michael Anthony, Azucar & Fire & Ice also (see Area Restaurants on web site). We are looking into parking in a lot several blocks away for a flat rate of $10.00
  • The Newport Path station, light Rail and bus stops are a stones throw from the Hotel.                                                   Check fees before coming. Above parking rates may not be accurate.
  • ***DO NOT park in the Shoprite Shopping Center around the corner you will be towed!   

What about places to eat? 

There are plenty!  Besides our recommendations on our web site there are two restaurants in the Hotel and a food court in the million square foot Newport Mall next to the Hotel.  Carmine's Pizza Factory is offering %20 off entire bill to all attendees.

What about Night Life?

  • Are you kidding! You are on the waterfront of the Hudson River overlooking New York City. Downtown Jersey City has developed into an area that has something for everyone and if you can’t find it there then hop over to Hoboken or NYC via attached transit.

Can I stay at the Hotel?

  • Yes, we encourage you to. The Westin Hotel is offering you a special Show Rate and is extending it a day or two before and after. Check the web site and book on our link.
  •  We will even give you up to 2 free unlimited admissions to the show and party if you make hotel reservations during the days we have blocked.

Will there be Celebrities, Comic Artists and Guests? 

  • YES, we have commissioned Plattinium Entertainment to handle all our celebrity bookings. We are constantly updating our web site with new Comic Artists & Guests who have signed on. Check our web site “Guest Page” for up to date appearances.  

I’m interested in an Artist Alley table. Are there any available?

Sure, contact Phil @ toysonthehudson@aol.com or call him 973-726-9897 he will advise you of our special Artist Alley proposals. You can review and submit an Application on this web site. 

How do I bring or recommend a Celebrity or Guest?     

  • Contact Phil @ toysonthehudson@aol.com or call him 973-726-9897 he will advise you of our special guest proposals. If you know any one personally you would like there please let us know.


Will the Comics guests draw something for me?

  • You’ll have to ask them. Most will do a sketch for you for a nominal fee. We, “Toys On The Hudson”, give them the opportunity to conduct business as they see fit. 

How do I have my picture taken with the BATMOBILE?  

  •  Plans are to have the BATMOBILE parked directly in front of the hotel. You can make arrangements, on site, with Tony the owner. We will have a photographer on site with all the necessary equipment to process a glossy immediately for you.

 Will there be a Professional Photographer on site? 

  • Yes, we are in the process of making arrangements for you to have a professional photo taken, with any one at the show, for a very reasonable cost. Also, with an immediate processed photo, should you want to get it autographed. 

Can I take pictures?

  • Sure knock yourself out but be sure to ask first. Many of our Dealer’s don’t like to have people take pictures of them or their set ups and some of our guests may charge for pictures. Basically, the answer is, Ask First! Taking pictures of one of our guests or dealers may cause a problem and could result in you asked to leave the show if you continue. These same rules apply to video and phone cameras.

Can I conduct an interview at the show?

 How can I order tickets?

  •  Check out our Tickets Page on the web site!

Can I buy tickets at the door, or do I have to buy them in advance?

  • Yes, available at the door.

What is the deadline for ordering advanced tickets?

  • Generally, the tickets will stop being sold online one week before the show.

I ordered my tickets a month ago, but still have not gotten them in the mail!

  • No tickets are actually mailed to you. You should have gotten a receipt from when you ordered. You print that confirmation out, bring the original (not a copy) with you to the show along with your ID, and they’ll take care of everything there!

Can I re-enter the show if I leave?

  • You can as long as your hand stamp and ticket coincides with the correct day you paid for.

 What’s the difference between buying the tickets in advance and buying them at the door?

  • The line to check in with your advanced purchased ticket is usually shorter than waiting in line to buy a ticket.

I want to set up a table and sell at the show, who do I contact?

Sure, contact Phil @ toysonthehudson@aol.com or call him 973-726-9897. There is also info on the web site. Check the Dealer Information page and select your tables by number.

Are attendees allowed to wear costumes at the Show?

  • Sure, if you like. Get %50 off regular admission if you have a FULL costume on.

 Can I advertise on your website, on your fliers, or in your program book?

  • Sure, contact Phil @ toysonthehudson@aol.com or call him 973-726-9897.  

Can I show up at the show and hand out fliers to your attendees?

  • NO! Not without approval. We want to work with all shows but talk to us first.
  • If you’d like to make arrangements with us to distribute your advertising or promotional materials, either by handing them out, or putting them on our “Flyer Table” please contact Phil @ toysonthehudson@aol.com or call him 973-726-9897.

Are bags and backpacks permitted into the show?

  • Yes they are. We do ask that you use common sense when toting them around, as some backpacks are large, bulky and unwieldy and can block aisles or knock into things when you turn around.
  •  Also, bags may be subject to search, so be sure you don’t have anything in there that you shouldn’t!
  • At the After Party they may be subject to checking. No outside food or beverage is allowed.

Can I bring a pet to the show with me?

  •  No you may not. The only animals allowed at the show are licensed Emblemed Service Animals.


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